Crystal Healing

Helping people achieve a better standard of living is what my practice is all about. I am particularly passionate about crystals and their healing properties.

Because of daily life stressors, imbalances in the mind and body can happen in a number of ways. These often present as physical symptoms, which directly correlate to the energy centre (or chakras) of the body. With this in mind, I set about sourcing the highest quality crystals, preferably ‘raw’ ones that have been ‘untouched’ (not polished or edited in any way by man) as I feel these ones have the strongest energies.

Crystal Healing is wonderful as each chakra has a corresponding crystal and so you can select a crystal that provides the most significance for you and the ailment or issues you are trying to alleviate.

Crystals can be used in so many ways and have incredible effects; you can hold a certain type of crystal and use it as you meditate in order to ‘ground’ you during times of chaos and to restore peaceful thoughts and feelings. Alternatively, you can hold or keep the crystal on your persons and feel the effects of the crystal and allow its energies to engulf you and offer you the emotional/mental/physical support you are looking for. Or you could even wear the crystals as jewellery; as I developed Home of Willow I found that crystal therapy in particular was increasingly popular and so I began to make my own crystal jewellery, made to order depending on the needs of the individual.

One of my favourite practices is to use crystals as part of meditation. Initially meditation can be difficult, particularly for those with a very active and busy mind. However, by introducing crystals into your meditation supports your visualisation and enable you to maintain the level of focus needed for successful and beneficial meditation.

Similarly, using crystals as part of meditation practices not only helps you connect with the process of meditation but also supports and strengthens the connection with the chosen crystal you are using for healing; therefore providing more benefits and power to be gained from the crystal and it’s healing properties.

In my opinion, crystals and crystal healing as a process are an essential and extremely beneficial form of holistic therapy and their benefits are outstanding, in whatever form you use them in.

I adore working with crystals and reaping the benefits of their properties so much that I have also begun making bespoke jewellery based around a particular crystal in order for the customer to receive the desired effect. For examples of the jewellery I can custom make to order, visit my Etsy shop or contact me to discuss your particular needs.

I recently had an article published for Health and Wellbeing Magazine’s blog where I talk  in depth about crystals and their endless benefits. You can read it here.


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