My name is Samantha.

I am a holistic therapist and have qualifications in a number of therapies.I use these together to acheieve the best possible outcome for my clients and their individual needs.These Qualifications include – Master Reiki and Reiki 1&2, Psychic Development (DIP), Advanced Master Herbalist (DIP), CBT (DIP), Wiccan Practice (DIP),Crystal Healing (DIP).

I have certification in the following practices- Psychic Coaching, Angel reading,Tarot counselling, past life councelling and mindfulness. I teach meditation and help people achieve a better understanding of the self. I work with the bodies subtle energies to bring about the healing and change you need in your life. Bringing harmony and balance.

I combine reiki with other healing techniques that I find complement each other to bring about a wonderfully relaxing yet effective treatment.

As part of a treatment I may also offer other energetic healing methods which will gently release trapped emotions without the need for you to re-live them and balance your energies supporting your body to look after its ‘self’. By using magnets or crystals it is possible to release trapped emotions that may have been inherited from ancestors, or that have occurred as a result of an event or trauma you may have witnessed or endured that has become deeply embedded within you, preventing you from moving on and which may be the cause of dis-ease in the physical body.

I first became interested in Energy Healing whilst studying to become a nurse, i found working in a hospital extremly rewarding. Patients would frequently comment on how calm and peaceful they felt in my presence, and so I started to look into other ways to look after people and that led me to this spiritual path.

Helping people achieve a better standard of living is what my practice is all about. Through this blog I hope to educate, inspire and support you in living holistically and impart on you the benefits of holistic therapy and how it can benefit and ultimately change your life.

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